Story behind the band

Name: Brian Fraser

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Self Evaluation:

When I think of a good bio, I will certainly write it down here…in the meantime, please be advised that the medication is definitely not working, neither are the anger management sessions, I tried yoga but couldn’t get my foot behind my head, the aliens have firmly refused to abduct me again, so I am stuck here, there’s nothing on digital tv box. worth paying any attention to, and don’t get me started on politics, just listen to my music and all will become less than obvious.


Name: Tina Vaughn

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Self Evaluation:

I would not pay too much attention to Brian’s story of the band piece…I have excellent motor skills, except when I am operating heavy machinery and I can play guitar just as well as most members of any adolescent punk band…however, there may be some factual element to his description of my fondness for unblended scotch, but that will be discussed later when the unauthorized biography of the band is published…I am currently attending college in the bay area and my major for this week is art…therefore, please buy as many copies of the cd as you can reasonably afford and I promise to use any money I make from the sale towards my college education. Or to buy scotch…


Name: James Boblak

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Self Evaluation:

I am skeptical and musical. I engineered this album and many others. I have been beaten up and robbed several times in the music business, and keep coming back for more. I am from Chicago and don’t miss the weather. I made this website! [Percy Chow: designer (he also did the artwork for the CD used on box tv)]. I am very happily married to Emma – whose beautiful voice appears on 07. Shrunken Heads, and whose father, Phil Cottrell, graciously lent his voice to 09. Stupidity. I live for gear.


Name: Heather Hopson

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Self Evaluation:

Heather Hopson comes from a long, respected line of midget harpoonists based in Maudlin Hat, Utah. Her love of music was realized at an early age, when she discovered she could create different tonalities by filling Coke bottles with various quantities of water and breaking them on the head of her pet stoat, Severity. Now residing in the rolling hills and green pastures of Detroit, Heather spends her spare time teaching her two sons Swahili, designing rubber banjos for the armless, and marketing her latest invention — megaphones for the deaf. AND HOW!