2005 Demos

Best Days of Our Lives NEW!!!

From Head Towards The Dawn

Say Something Wonderful (Demo Version)

Walking on Water

Visiting Time (Recorded Live, November 11, 2004)

The following are songs are demos recorded by Budapest that did not make the final track listing for Head Towards The Dawn.

Eyes Forward



Here Goes Another Year

Riding The Black Waves

Get Out

You and I

Atomic Energy


From Too Blind To Hear

Evade the Pain (Recorded Live, June 16, 2004)

Is This The Best It Gets?

Image result for music Is This The Best It Gets?

Censored Memories  

The following are songs recorded by Budapest prior to the recording of Too Blind To Hear.

Friend Till The End

The following are songs by John Garrison’s former band, Red Fridge, from the Red Fridge EP recorded in 1997.

Red Fridge

When I Fall

Building Your Wall

Dragging Me Down

Hand It To Me


“Is This The Best It Gets” The Video ( Video of stream tv box app )



Interview from Spanish Radio